Island Weave Repair Kit

Passing on the knowledge of how to repair has become increasingly important to Sunniva. As hosting workshops was so difficult in 2020, Sunniva created a repair kit with instructions as an alternative way of teaching mending to whoever wished to learn.

The repair kit contains a step by step instructional booklet (with photos and text) on how to learn the Island Weave repair technique, which is a variation of darning. Additionally you get some tips on how to use colour and shape in visible mending, and how to take care of your garments.
You get a thin needle which is ideal for finer textiles, a 12,5 cm embroidery ring, and different coloured cotton yarn to get you started in some of Sunniva’s favourite repair colours.

You can choose between four different «colour sets», which comes with mock up colour-swatches similar to the one’s s Sunniva uses herself,

which you can cut out and use to check which colours fit your garment the best.

The Island Weave is a useful repair technique based on darning which works really well on denser textiles. It’s the perfect technique for for covering up stains on your favourite pair of jeans, or repairing holes on your cashmere sweater - even on areas which require some flexibility (like an elbow). It can also be used to mend a precious woollen blanket or a beautiful old kitchen towel you don’t have the heart to throw away.

The repair kits are available in English and Norwegian. The English version can be purchased at, and the Norwegian can be purchased though e-mailing or contacting @studiomend on instagram. 

Above you can see the four different sets of colours: “Lightline”, “Balance”, “White Tee” and “Minimalist”.